Can a fiber laser engrave glass?

Yes, a fiber laser can engrave glass, but it requires a specific setup for effective marking. Here’s a breakdown based on my browsing and personal experience:
  • To engrave glass, you typically need to place it on a stainless steel or aluminum plate. The fiber laser then marks the metal plate, which in turn leaves a mark on the glass underneath.
Marking Process:
  • The fiber laser beam passes through the glass to engrave the metal plate, and the reaction between the metal plate and glass creates a visible mark on the glass. The method described often results in black marking on the glass.
  • IMO, this method is ingenious as it overcomes the challenge of engraving a transparent material by utilizing a metal backdrop to create clear, permanent marks.
Types of Glass:
  • You can also process mirror glass with a fiber laser by removing only the reflective layer on the back, leaving the glass surface smooth.
  • This indicates that the engraving capability can vary with different types of glass and may require different setups.
Industry Usage:
  • Glass engraving is common in crafting and personalization industries. Achieving high-quality and precise results is crucial, hence knowing the right way to use a fiber laser for glass engraving is essential.
  • In my experience, it’s super exciting to see how a piece of glass transforms with just a bit of laser work. It's like a blend of tech and art. 😄
  • While it's possible to engrave glass with a fiber laser, there are some limitations to the process, and the setup might need tweaking to get the desired result.
  • For instance, the type of glass and the laser settings can significantly impact the outcome. I’ve had to adjust the settings a few times in my projects to get the engraving just right.
Other Engraving Methods:
  • There are other laser types like CO2 lasers that are also effective for glass engraving. Each laser type has its unique benefits, and choosing the right one depends on your project needs.

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