LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster
LumiTool 20W True  Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster


LumiTool 20W True Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster

Sale price$2,599.00
Meet LumiTool F20: A revolutionary 20W fiber laser engraver and cutter powered by Midjourney AI design. The compact tool unlocks industrial-grade power, delivering deeper etchings and achieve 10X faster speed, and crafting designs in an imaginative way. Turn brilliant ideas into reality, mass produce your masterpieces, and open the door to a greater income potential!
Size:110*110mm field lens

Compact Design. Affordable Choice

The LumiTool F20 is the first 20W industrial engraver that ditches bulky cases for a sleek, compact design. Our team, a supplier with over two decades of engraving expertise, has reengineered the traditionally oversized industrial engraver into a highly compact and affordable model, revolutionizing the fiber engraver landscape.

Industrial Fiber Laser. Create like a Pro

Empowered by fiber laser source, the F20 excels beyond normal diode, CO2, and infrared lasers, achieving unparalleled precision, speed, and durability. It adeptly carves out complex and exquisite designs on challenging materials like metal and hard plastics. Built to last, the F20 offers a remarkable 100,000-hour lifespan with minimal upkeep, courtesy of its efficient design featuring fewer moving components..


10X Faster Engraving

Our LaserDrive Beam Control technology allows for engraving at blistering speeds up to 7000mm/s—10x faster than typical hobbyist engravers. This surge in speed transforms your crafting, offering a rapid solution that matches the urgency of your creative demands.


Exquisite Engraving|0.001mm Accuracy

With a remarkable 8K resolution and a fine granularity of 0.001mm, it achieves a striking level of engraving accuracy. This precision revolutionizes the vector and bitmap graphic engraving experience for users across iOS and Android platforms.


Deeper Depth: 1.5mm-3mm

The F20 offers an impressive engraving depth of up to 1.5mm for metal and 3mm for stone. This extraordinary engraving depth not only enhances design detail and visibility, but also imbues your works with a distinctive, refined texture, making each piece an extraordinary work of art.

Metal Engraving Master

Harnessing MaxMetal technology, the F20 blows other engravers out of the water in metal engraving. The 1064nm wavelength laser optimizes material absorption, ensuring deep, clean etching. Advanced Pulsed-Laser algorithm delivers high-impact energy, akin to micro-hammer strikes, vastly outperforming conventional continuous lasers.

Free Smart App. Design Under Control

The LumiTool App elevates your creative journey, offering robust image design, precise vector and bitmap editing, and flexible text and freehand graphic tools. Effortlessly upload and share your files, access LumiCloud's gallery, and turning photos into engraving-ready artworks. Plus, with wireless app-to-device connectivity, you can engrave your unique designs from anywhere with ease.


Working Area

The LumiTool F20 provides two options for engraving work area dimensions: 110*110mm and 150*150mm.

AI-Empowered Graph Design

Craving immediate creative sparks? Our in-app MidJourney feature turns your wildest imaginings into reality in just three easy steps.


LumiTool AI-Design Membership

Let AI design assist in your engraving work, effortlessly generating imaginative images. Upload or download AIGC images to keep your inspiration flowing.


Process 100+ Materials

Featuring a 1064nm fiber laser, LumiTool F20 etches effortlessly across diverse materials. Think metal, plastics, leather, dark glass, colored ceramics, acrylic, stone - your design comes alive in detail on almost any surface you choose.

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Engrave as You Wish

The F20 caters to more than just flat surfaces. Experience the freedom of engraving wherever inspiration strikes, providing unmatched flexibility and adaptability that fuels your creativity.


360° Rotary Engraving


Multi-angle Engraving


Handheld Engraving

Laser Cutting Up to 0.2mm


Capable of Cutting Metal Sheets

Color Engraving


Colorful Engravings on Stainless Steel or Titanium

Easy-to-use Experience


Dual Light Positioning


Eletrical Lift Stand


Safe Operations

Your safety is our foremost concern, and it's woven into the fabric of our engraver's design. Equipped with robust protective shields and safety goggles, we ensure you're safeguarded from every angle. And for added peace of mind, a single-click emergency stop feature is at your fingertips, ready to halt operations instantly should the need arise. Trust in our commitment to secure, worry-free engraving.



LumiTool F20 Standard Set



There are 110*110mm and 150*150mm depending on different lens and can be expanded to 146*300mm with a slide extension.

The F20 could etch various of material including metal, the max engraving depth is 1.5mm on metal.

Lumitool F20 supports most kinds of metals, such as stainless, aluminum, alloy, zinc, alloy, titanium, copper, leathers, silicone, glass, plastic, acrylic, stone, ceramics, etc.

We are working on integrating Lumitool F20 with Lightburn. Currently, you can import and edit DXF files exported from Lightburn using the Lumitool PC and mobile App for editing and printing purposes.

The Focal length is 190mm for 110*110mm Lens, the Focal length is 275mm for 150*150mm Lens.