What advantages do fiber laser cutting machines have?

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  1. Laser cutting machine is non-contact optical thermal processing, known as "the universal tool that never wears", the workpiece can be closely discharged or nested in any form, so that raw materials can be fully utilized;
  2. High cutting accuracy and small thermal deformation. Because it is non-contact processing, the processed parts have no deformation, and there is no need for secondary polishing;
  3. The slit of fiber laser cutting is very small, and the slit is generally between 0.15-0.4mm. The notch is smooth, burr free, and even the finished transmission spur gear with a certain accuracy can be directly processed;
  4. Fiber laser cutting does not require mold opening. It is especially suitable for the processing of multi variety and small batch sheet metal parts in the research and development stage of new products, which can save high mold design and manufacturing costs and greatly shorten the production cycle;
  5. The use cost is low, only the basic electricity and auxiliary gas costs are required;
  6. Environmental protection, no noise, no pollution to the surrounding environment.

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